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Baby Lock

MasterWorks II

With MasterWorks II digitizing software you can easily transform all your line-art and images into embroidery designs. Plus, select a fill stitch, add shapes, combine text and artwork, preview stitching sequence and more, all without ever changing screens. Discover digitizing power that lets you create perfect embroidery every time.




MasterWorks Lite

You've thought about digitizing clip art into embroidery designs, and now you can with MasterWorks Lite from Designer's Gallery. MasterWorks Lite digitizing software makes digitizing work for you with step-by-step instructions and all of your tools on one screen. Soon, you'll be able to go wherever your imagination takes you, with perfect embroidery every time.




Studio Plus

Spend more time embroidering instead of hunting for designs by easily organizing your entire design library. This complete design management platform allows you to quickly catalog designs and instantly find them later. It is a must have embroidery software program for every embroiderer.




Artista Designer Plus 6.0
New, the Designer Plus 6.0 offers enhanced functionality. BERNINA embroidery software V6 offers everything you need to explore your creativity to the fullest. With features such as advanced appliqué and monogramming, lettering and fonts, mirror image and photosnap, you can let yourself be inspired to new creative heights!


Editor Plus 6.0
Turn your creative ideas into embroidered reality! With CorelDRAW ® Essentials 4 Software and over 500 embroidery designs, automatic digitizing, and specialty stitch effects included, you can let your ideas become embroidery reality with Editor Plus 6.0.





The PFAFF® 6D™ PREMIER SUITE package includes eleven software modules: 6D™ Embroidery and Embroidery Extra, 6D™ Explorer Plug-in, 6D™ Card Shop, 6D™, 6D™ Stitch Editor Plus, 6D™ Design Aligner and 6D™ Cross Stitcher, plus five special modules available only in 6D™ SUITE: 6D™ Design Creator,  6D™ Photostitch, 6D™ Family Tree, 6D™ Sketch and 6D™ Font Digitizing. The package also includes the machine accessory module 6D™ File Assistant (but no creative™ smart card station hardware).

Embroidery Extra

PFAFF® 6D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA includes three software modules: 6D™ Embroidery Extra, 6D™ Explorer Plug-in and 6D™ Card Shop. The package also includes the machine accessory module 6D™ File Assistant (but no creative™ smart card station hardware).

PFAFF® 6D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA is a standalone package. All features are also included in PFAFF® 6D™ SUITE.