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S30 Fetch Pet

Fluffy has met her match with the Fetch pet vacuum. With HEPA media and granulated charcoal filters, Fetch traps dander and odors from carpeting and upholstery. Fetch comes with the "Pet Hair Beware" self-cleaning upholstery tool that's relentless on pet hair and a one-pound canister of dry carpet cleaner. The S30 Pet features the new self-sealing bag system and like all other Synchrony vacuums, combines durabillity, convenience and the patented Tandem Air cleaning system.

Symmetry Ultra Premium S20UP

This cream of the crop Symmetry is the Ultra-Premium model with the features that will spoil you.Besides the cleaning performance of a two-stage motor, lifetime belt and HEPA media filtration, it's a delight to use, with a comfy handle grip and Ready Reach telescopic wand and tools at your fingertips. With a flip of a switch, go from vacuuming carpets to cleaning rugs and bare floors with ease. Redesigned to maximize airflow, the Ultra-Premium Symmetry also features a self-sealing HEPA media bag system for clean and foolproof bag replacement. With durable metal components, loads of convenience features and flat-out amazing cleaning performance, the Ultra-Premium is primed and ready to eat dirt. 

Symmetry Deluxe S20D

The powerful Symmetry Deluxe clean air vacuum with metal brushroll and bottom plate features a floor selector to clean carpet and bare floors, a full bag indicator and a generous power cord. The telescopic Ready Reach wand and tools right on the vacuum help you reach dust in nooks and crannies all over your home. Plus, a HEPA media filter and the new self-sealing HEPA bag system let you breathe easy, knowing you're grabbing, trapping and tossing out dust and the things that make you sneeze!

Symmetry Standard S20S

Set a new standard of cleaning with the Symmetry Standard. With a self-sealing HEPA media bag that makes it a cinch to change the bag without having to touch all the dust you removed from your floors! The Standard model also features a steel brushroll with replaceable brushstrips that can be customized to the type of carpet in your home, plus on-board tools that slide onto the Ready Reach telescopic wand. Clean high, low and everywhere in between with a vacuum you're gonna love, the new Symmetry Standard.

Freedom Premium S10P

Don't let its light weight fool you. The Freedom Premium is one powerful machine with lifetime belt protection, a 40-foot power cord to reach one room after the next and all the "wow!" performance, durability and convenience features you expect from a Simplicity Vacuum. The Premium model features a metal brushroll with replaceable brushstrips you can tailor to your flooring, whether it's wall to wall carpet or hard wood with area rugs. Redesigned with a hard case outer bag, the Freedom now features the self-sealing HEPA media bag system, so changing the bag is simple and clean. The Freedom Premium also comes with a 5-year warranty and 2 free Very Important Vacuum service plan checkups.

Freedom Entry S10P

Want a lightweight vacuum that's designed to clean like crazy? You got it! Our original 8-pound vacuum picks up dirt deep down, yet feels almost effortless to use. The new Freedom Entry features metal cord hooks, a metal handle tube with rubber grip, a thick rubber furniture guard and all the cleaning performance you expect from a Simplicity Freedom. The Entry model is a bright new color at a great new price.


The Sport is ready to jump in and assist with any cleaning task with ease and assurance. At only 4.5 pounds, it'sdesigned to be carried around. And its wide variety of cleaning tools makes cleaning even cars and hard-to-reach areas effortless. Includes Micro attachment set. Great for keyboards, dashboards, you name it!




Healthy Homemaker

Take the wet mess and effort out of cleaning carpets and rugs with the Healthy Home-maker Dry Carpet Cleaner Applicator by Simplicity. This lightweight cleaning machine features two counter-rotating brushrolls that work the Healthy Home dry carpet cleaner into carpets. Healthy Homemaker saves time and labor, while it helps your vacuum remove stains and odors plus the dirt and allergens that ruin your carpet.




The Verve is a full size canister vacuum that has the power of the top line canister but in a smaller package. The Verve has an independent vacuum control on the body of the canister with a smaller power head to fit in smaller hard to get to places. This is a canister vacuum that will go where you go and with ease, the candy apple red color is stunning.