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Quilting Machines

Baby Lock


So many quilting features, the Symphony will be music to your ears. With 460 stitches, 17 feet, and a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, you can hit all the right notes. These amazing features come together to allow you to quilt with a full range of creativity. The Symphony's easy-to-read touch screen makes it simple to access your machine’s stitches and settings. Choose from 460 built-in stitches with a maximum stitch width of 7mm to quilt at speeds of up to 1,000 spm. You can even combine and save stitches to your machine or PC.


When first experiencing the ease and convenience of the Melody, you'll know this machine was just made for you. The Melody has the features you've been looking for to quilt with confidence and to let your creativity grow, like a precise 1/4" stitch, easy threading and a wide quilting table.





When you create on the Bernina 830, your grandest ideas can come to life. That's because it offers the most sewing and embroidery space, unbeatable speeds, and the most advanced ergonomics of any home sewing machine. Truly in a class by itself, see the incredible Bernina 830 today. 




Unleash your creative aspirations! Its technology is so advanced, its features so extensive, the Bernina 820 Quilter's Edition will take your sewing experience to new heights. The Bernina 820 Quilters Edition offers the most sought after features for the inspired quilter. From the Dual Feed system, Bernina Stitch Regulator and Jumbo Bobbin, the Bernina 820QE combines high-performance features with thoughtful ergonomics and the most space available. Take your quilting to the next level with the Bernina Quilt Frame and QuiltMotion Software for Bernina—the perfect companions to the Bernina 820QE. 

Artista 730E 

The Artista 730 is a true sewing, quilting, and embroidery artist with absolute top-level functions and features. Add the optional embroidery module to make this extraordinary sewing computer a full-fledged embroidery system. The patented Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) automatically ensures equal stitch lengths when sewing and quilting at variable speeds – opening a new world of creativity. 




The machine for the established hobbyist with a passion for quilting. The standard package of this machine includes both the Walking Foot and the Bernina Stitch Regulator, making it the perfect match for you as a quilter. The extensive range of available Bernina accessories offers you the choice of expanding your creative options. Experience other sewing specialties such as heirloom, home decorating, crafting and garment sewing with the 550 QE. 



Whether stitching clothing or home décor items, quilting or simply mending, the Bernina 350PE gives you the freedom to explore a wealth of creative techniques.

  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Bright LED sewing lights 
  • Automatic 1-step buttonhole 
  • Simple push-button operation 
  • Start/Stop button 
  • Slide speed control 
  • Semi-automatic threader 
  • 6 snap-on feet 
  • Patchwork foot included 
  • 85 stitches 
  • 2 alphabets 
  • Slide-on table 
  • Accessory bag 
  • Free Hand System (FHS) optional



*Currently not available in our Salem store

Memory Craft 12000 

Whether you quilt, embroider, sew home décor and garments, or do a combination of everything, this machine makes it all more enjoyable. You’ll be able to complete projects more quickly when you’re on a deadline. But it’s so effortless to use, and gives you such powerful tools, you can also spend whole days happily stitching, loving what you create. It truly expands your horizons.


Memory Craft 7700QCP 

The machine is even better than expected. It is sturdy. It is quiet and smooth. The lighting is great. The extra room is a huge help for free motion quilting. You won’t be able to wait to explore all those stitches. Overall, a GREAT machine.




With sturdy construction and stable feeding, style follows substance in the well equipped and intuitively designed Janome 4120QDC. 120 stitches, twin-needle functionality, superior editing, and mirror stitching are just a few of the cutting-edge features of this special machine. The Janome 4120QDC has the power, precision and convenience you need to realize your creative potential. Memory Craft 9700 Memory Craft 9700 was designed to bring together all the best features in one sewing machine. You get the precision stitching Janome is known for, easy navigation and design layout on a color touchscreen, and the built-in, two-step conversion from sewing to embroidery you can't get from any other brand.


A full-featured machine made with a quilter's needs in mind, the 3160QDC will deliver all the benefits of a top of the line model, and with an affordable price. You'll find 60 stitches including 6 one-step buttonholes. Janome's Exclusive Superior Plus Feed System offers specialized box feeding on top of Janome's SFS system, ensuring even, stable feeding with any fabric. And the time saving features including memorized needle up/down, one hand needle threader, and lock stitch button make sewing easy. Best of all, this full-size machine weighs only 12 pounds, so its easy to take to classes and guild meetings!



creative sensation 

Expect the unexpected! spacious. bright. precise. That is what the Pfaff ® brand stands for. Discover a new freedom when sewing, the brilliance and clarity of the most modern technology, and more perfect results than ever before. creative vision The Pfaff® creative vision™ sewing and embroidery machine is remarkable in every respect. It looks different than any other sewing machine – and it is different. Just like the Pfaff® brand itself, the extraordinary minimalist design originated in Germany. It is perfectly designed, down to the smallest detail. New functions and technology of the highest level open a world of unlimited possibilities and a perfection which has never been achieved before. The more you want the more you get – an exciting time, full of inspiration and new ideas.


creative 3.0 

The most generous sewing space, an incredibly long free-arm and a large embroidery area are waiting for you! Dual lights illuminate the entire working area with no shadows. The clear graphic display shows you the selected stitch in actual size with all information you need. The original IDT™ system guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom. Stitch positioning lets you place the stitch exactly where you want. A unique selection of perfectly stitched, high-quality 9 mm stitches will inspire new ideas.


expression 4.2

Realize your quilting potential! Quilting is one of the most exciting forms of artistic expression. It needs a sewing machine which fulfills quilters‘needs and gives their imagination free rein. Let your creativity run free as you experience the Pfaff® Quilt expression™ 4.2 sewing machine. All it takes is one look at its unique design to understand that it is a sewer’s dream.



expression 3.2

Realize your potential and experience a new dimension of sewing! Are you searching for new inspiration, the highest level of sewing ease, and modern technology? You will find all of this and more in the new Expression™ 3.2 sewing machines from Pfaff®. The extra large space and the longest free-arm make sewing any size project effortless, and the perfectly illuminated sewing area and the intuitive, clear graphic display will optimize your working process.



ambition 1.5 

The difference is in the details! Experience the new Pfaff®. ambition™ 1.5 and feel the difference that makes these sewing machines truly special. Spacious. The largest sewing space* and the long free-arm makes sewing any size project effortless. Bright. The perfectly illuminated sewing area and the large high-resolution touch screen will optimize your work process. Precise. The original IDT™ System guarantees absolutely even fabric feed from top and bottom. *As compared to top competitor machines in this price range.



Power Quilter p3 

7” Touch Screen makes it easy to see, and easy to use. Control your machine right from the screen. The machine offers the ability to do 3000 stitches per minute, you will not outrun the stitch regulation! Bright LED lights are built right into the handles. You can control the brightness from your screen. There is a built-in black ight which is great when using glow in the dark threads. Spring loaded encoders stay firmly on the tracks to give you consistent stitch regulation. There are multiple pre-programmed stitch modes – Ruler Mode, Idle Mode and Baste Mode are all pre-programmed for you. Simply select your mode from the menu on the screen. The comfort grip handle design with comfort grips and height adjustable frame allows you to quilt with ease. An onboard bobbin winder makes it so you have no need for a separate piece of equipment to wind your bobbins. Ours is built right onto the machine and will wind a new bobbin while you are quilting! A built-in calculator allows you to do your math right on the screen!