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Patricia Schierling's Quilts




Quilt Entries: 



1. This is a disappearing nine patch quilt. Patricia picked up some beautiful floral fabric when she was in Maui last year and turned it into this queen size quilt for her massage therapist. She loves it.

2.This is a quilt that Patricia made for her husband. It is a stack and whack quilt and the main fabric has deer in the woods with trees and blue sky above. Patricia's favorite square turned out to be deer bottoms with their tails lifted around the 8 shaped star. Her husband shows it off to everyone who will look. 

3. Patricia's dad is celebrating is 90th birthday this summer. When she was in Alaska a few years ago, Patricia picked up 2 bear and 4 eagle panels. Since her dad has been a hunter all his life, she decided to make his quilt out of these panels. The outside edges are piano keys of all the colors in the different panels. Patricia said she really had fun with this one and her dad loves it. The quilt is a Super California King size as it is 8 feet by 8 feet. It just barely fit on the quilt frame. 

4. Bargello, the single most difficult quilt Patricia ever made. She made this one for herself. Most of the fabric came from her stash, but she did have to buy a few special colors.