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At Rich's we carry only the best in all our product categories.  On the hot tub side, we offer Fantasy Spas.  The Fantasy product comes to us from Watkins Wellness in Vista California near San Diego.  Watkins in the largest manufacturer of portable hot tubs in the world.  What makes the Fantasy product unique is twofold.  First, the product is roto-molded out of ABS plastic the same thing football helmets are made of.  This means the tub is all one piece with no chance for leaks.  Secondly, the tubs are 110 volt plug and play meaning you don't need to run special power to the tub.  Plug it into any regular 110-volt household outlet, fill it with water and enjoy.  While relaxing in your hot tub you may get hungry.  If so, pull out your phone and use it to fire up your Green Mountain Grill via the Wi-Fi application.  Green Mountain is the best build pellet grill on the market.  With searing capabilities at 550 degrees all the way down to a cold smoke for nuts and cheese it’s also the most versatile.  Come into either the Albany or Salem showroom and let our expert salespeople show you both incredible outdoor living products.