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High Filtration Vacuums


S30 Fetch Pet

With HEPA media and granulated charcoal filters, Fetch traps dander and odors from carpeting and upholstery. Fetch comes with the "Pet Hair Beware" self-cleaning upholstery tool that's relentless on pet hair and a one-pound canister of dry carpet cleaner. The S30 Pet features the new self-sealing bag system and like all other Synchrony vacuums, combines durabillity, convenience and the patented Tandem Air cleaning system.

Symmetry Ultra Premium S20UP

This cream of the crop Symmetry is the Ultra-Premium model with the features that will spoil you.Besides the cleaning performance of a two-stage motor, lifetime belt and HEPA media filtration, it's a delight to use, with a comfy handle grip and Ready Reach telescopic wand and tools at your fingertips. With a flip of a switch, go from vacuuming carpets to cleaning rugs and bare floors with ease.



The Verve is a full size canister vacuum that has the power of the top line canister but in a smaller package. The Verve has an independent vacuum control on the body of the canister with a smaller power head to fit in smaller hard to get to places. This is a canister vacuum that will go where you go and with ease, the candy apple red color is stunning.



M1200 Featuring its patented ™ Dual Intake System, the M1200 delivers more power and performance than typical vacuums. Two individual motors work together to provide continuous suction power and unmatched cleaning performance on carpets, floors and anywhere else around the house. A clean air motor and direct air motor provide continuous suction power, maximum agitation, and exceptional carpet and bare floor cleaning.