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The Bernina Q24 is one of Bernina's high-end longarm quilting machines. With simple and easy to use framework and machinery, this system has the largest quilting space in its catagory. 

Like the Q24, the Q20 maintains simple framework and machinery. This long arm offers the perfect, delicate stitch work for all your quilting needs.

With 16 needles, automatic tension settings, 1,400 stitches per-minute, and a narrow cylindrical arm, the BERNINA E16 is the perfect embroidery machine. Whether you're embellishing a jacket or the pockets of your jeans; personalizing uniforms and caps, creating monograms, or adding the finishing touches to your intricately embroidered quilt, use the Chenille technique for a special 3D effect.

The BERNINA 790 offers you a variety of luxury features and allows you to embroider much more expansive designs. The Dual Feed is perfect for delicate fabrics and will make all of your fashion designing dreams a reality.

The BERNINA 770 QE will allow all the space you need for all of your quilting adventures. With its long arm, duel feed, stitch regulator, and embroidery options, bringing your creations to life will be a breeze.

The BERNINA 560 offers a wide variety of stitches, 160 of which are embroidery. The high quality touch screen allows adjustments for the 70 embroidery patterns. Using the memory function, you can permanently save all of your individually adjusted stitches and embroidery designs.

The BERNINA 530 has an extensive collection of utility and ornamental stitches that can be individually adjusted to suit your needs. With 11 different  needle positions stitch width and length can be modified and temporarily or permanently saved within the 530’s memory. Stitches can be matched to the fabric and the planned design so your results are always met. 

With its free-arm extension table the BERNINA 350 PE will increase your work area, making each enterprise a breeze, and giving you maximum control in guiding your design. Even your largest project will be effortless  – and when your task is complete you, a simple press of a button to remove the extension table will return you to free-arm sewing.

Use the BERNINA 330's extensive, long term memory bank to store your individually crafted stitch combinations. With 30 free locations a wide variety stitches at your disposal, this machine ensures favored and frequently used stitches are at your fingertips. For this reason the BERNINA 330 is used in sewing classes to assure that needed stitch combinations are readily available, saving time  and maintaining results. 

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? With the BERNINA DesignSkins® for the BERNINA 215, you can do just that by designing a custom skin to adhere to your machine. Each vinyl skin is printed and easy-to-apply. Choose your favorite design or select one of your own photos to make your BERNINA 215 stand out. 

The with no computerized controls, the BERNETTE 35 is completely mechanical. Stitches are easily set by turning and adjusting each knob, and the tension can be adapted using the accessible wheel. With a total of 23 stitches (utility and decorative alike) as well as an automatic, 1-step buttonhole function, your creations will come to life quickly and easily using the BERNETTE 35.

Overlockers ensure quick and quality stitches, saving you time and effort as you shape your project. BERNINA'S innovative features make their overlockers a breeze to use, the perfect companion to every sewing machine.